Mind-Diák Agency only employ full time students above the age of 16.

Before the beginning of the job it is mandatory to fill out an „Entrance statement/membership statement” with readable capital letters, exact personal tax number and bank account number. After signing the Entrance statement you have to sign a membership Agreement with our agency, that will be reported to the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV) of Hungary by the agency. It is mandatory to provide us your tax number and social security number (TAJ) as well as the 10 digit students card number at the same time of signing the Membership Agreement. After the entrance you have to deliver us your full time student status confirmation form that is signed by your university until the 2nd day of the next month. Students under the age of 18 have to present a parental permisson in order to join the Agency’s membership, and students under the age of 16 also have to present a parental permisson in order to establish a labor contract. The neccesary documents are given to the applicant at the time of the application and have to be delivered back to the office after the acceptance and signature of the parent/caregiver.


The validity of the agency membership and the labour relation is subject to the continous presentation of full-time student status confirmation. In order to maintain these the member has to comply with the below detailed deadlines by presenting his/her valid student status confirmation form and valid studentcard.



University/College students

High school students

Student card

1-15 november

1-31 march

1-15 November


In case of missing any of the previously detailed deadline or providing false or missing personal data the salary will be transeferred only after the next months money transfer day.


The membership fee is 1000 HUF, and it will be deducted from the first month salary. This membership fee is refundable after the exit from the Agency’s membership. So we will refund you if you choose to quit our membership. After the entrance to our Agency membership all members are alloved to work for any Mind-diak agency throughout the entire Hungary.