Youngsters are able to build their career earlier, which can provide an experience and a reference for their future full-time employment, in the same time they can form their needs and ability of being responsible for themselves, relieving parts of the education cost of their parents. The income and the experience gained this way might allow personal independence.

Providing work through School cooperative has several advantages for the employer's, the student's and the society's point of view: it is a legal way of employment, safe and offers numerous rewards for all participants. The temporary, seasonal need for the number of workforce is supplied fast with low cost, while this system grants 'a good basis of gathering' for filling the future career-starter's positions.

In Hungary 150-180 thousand students take on casual work a year in general and three-quarters of them are employed by School cooperatives, by which this sector has a 10-12 billion forint turnover. Full time students are employed by work contract, guaranteed by harmless, healthy work environment and work safety. We also deduct and pay the regulated tax to the state.


  • It has a great number of more flexible and easily mobilized workforces
  • There are students available with the essential knowledge of computers and languages of our time
  • The necessary administration is much easier than the normal employments'
  • Remarkable savings appear in accordance with the employment's fees