Browsing the net we can see that a number of questions come up concerning student work. We would like to address a few of these, which may interest almost all decision makers: What is it for? Is it worth it? Is it safe? Is it convenient? You should know the answers.


Student work is generally used in the case of ad hoc and project work, for simple trained activities or for seasonal activities of a few days, weeks or months serving, for example, touristic or commercial businesses. Examples include packaging, stock-taking, administration, hostess work etc. Participation in so-called trainee programs is equally common in the professional activities we serve regularly such as IT, finance, marketing, sales, logistics, manufacturing, HR. These tasks are fulfilled regularly by university or collage students in a certain number of hours weekly. Tell us what you need!


In the case of employees motivated identically in financial terms, the economical nature of employment through a school association is undoubted in the areas where student work can be applied. The use of student work performed by members of a school association is exempt from social tax. A saving of up to 30-40% can be achieved this way with the same net wage amount. Request a sample calculation!

 Safe and professional

In recent years, the expectations regarding student work have become similar to those in the employment of adults. Accordingly, the school association must provide similar media appearance, consultant participation and software support in recruitment and selection. The requirements relating to student work are regulated in Chapter XVII of the Hungarian Labour Code. Compliance with these provisions guarantees legitimate employment. 

 A comprehensive service for your convenience

The company specifies the type of work they wish to order and the student agency 

  • places job advertisements, 
  • performs recruitment and selection tasks, 
  • concludes contracts with the selected students, 
  • handles authority registration, 
  • takes care of work schedules and absences, 
  • performs payroll calculations based on confirmed performance, 
  • disburses wages to the students. 

Student work is not a substitute but a convenient and economical supplement to full-time employment in the case of ad hoc and seasonal labour needs while trainee programs also help the filling of later full-time job vacancies.

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